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RUVI OilDiver is a specially designed system for online tank floor inspection in an explosive environment. With the help of the ultrasonic inspection module on the system, tank floor thickness measurement and corrosion mapping can be achieved according to API 653 standards.


With our robotic solution, manual cleaning processes that often require draining the tank or erecting scaffolding are a thing of the past. I-Cleaner operates autonomously, significantly reducing the need for human intervention and minimizing downtime. It enhances operational efficiency by optimizing maintenance schedules and maximizing the utilization of water storage tanks.


Experience a new era of precision and efficiency in underwater tank inspection with our groundbreaking product, RUVI Diver. As a leading innovator in robotic inspection solutions, AIS Field proudly presents the RUVI Diver, an advanced underwater inspection drone equipped with an ultrasonic thickness measurement unit. This cutting-edge technology revolutionizes the assessment of water storage tank floors, providing accurate and reliable thickness measurements in a fraction of the time compared to traditional methods.

Robotic Arm

Custom Solutions

With our client-centric approach, we collaborate closely with you to gain a deep understanding of your challenges and objectives. We combine this knowledge with our expertise in robotics, engineering, and advanced technologies to develop tailor-made solutions that precisely meet your needs.


Partner with AIS Field to transform your unique challenges into opportunities for success. Experience the power of custom robotic solutions designed specifically for your needs. Trust in our expertise and commitment to innovation to unlock a new era of efficiency, precision, and operational excellence.

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