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PaARS - Phased Array Ultrasonic Annular Ring Inspection Robot


The annular ring is a crucial area of an above ground storage tank, serving as a vital structural component that supports the tank's floor. Traditional inspection methods for the annular ring often require costly and time-consuming procedures, including tank draining. Our PaARS inspection system eliminates these challenges by allowing for efficient and accurate inspections while the tank remains in operation. 

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This innovative crawler is designed to transform the inspection process of boiler waterwall tubes, offering advanced capabilities for corrosion mapping and ensuring the optimal performance of industrial boilers.

Our RUVI WALLKER Crawler System streamlines the inspection process, enhances safety, and minimizes operational disruptions. By enabling comprehensive corrosion mapping without the need for manual intervention, it reduces human exposure to hazardous environments and improves personnel safety.

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Crude Oil  Tank Inspection Robot

Our innovative Crude Oil Tank Inspection Robot that can revolutionize the way crude oil tanks are inspected while remaining in service. With the project set to be completed by the end of 2024, our goal is to redefine tank integrity assessment, improve operational efficiency, and enhance safety in the oil and energy industry.

The concept design of our inspection robot incorporates cutting-edge technologies and advanced sensing capabilities. Equipped with state-of-the-art sensors, including an ultrasonic inspection unit, the robot is capable of capturing accurate and detailed data about the tank's condition, including corrosion levels, defects, and anomalies.

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