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FiL - Inspection Management Software

FiL provides a web-based Inspection Management Solution, developed for maintaining and organizing records over the pre- and in-service life of a Plant Asset. The system enables and simplifies the identification of every plant item.

Instantly access data on any plant asset via graphical interface.

The management of industrial plant is reliant on detailed system drawings, with unique identification assigned to critical items such as support hangers, welds, bends etc, on pipework systems for example and therefore particularly relevant to Pressure Piping Systems.



  • 3D: Complete scaled 3D CAD pipework system drawings

  • Data: Material, operational, and dimensional data

  • Sequential: Sequential idents. to critical items

  • On Screen: On screen navigation around pipework system.

  • History: Database of metallurgical and inspection history

  • Live-Tag: `Live-tag` assigned to critical items



  • Savings: Cost & time savings in pipework management.

  • One Source: One source for pipework system records.

  • Detailed: Detailed system drawings.

  • Demonstrate: Demonstrate consolidated approach to pipework management.

  • Useful: Useful tool for plant operators.

Creating FiL

The Plant constructional drawings are re-drawn and configured focussing only on required detail and features, assigning a unique and sequential numbering system, essential in establishing Quality Control for any inspection programme, whilst also providing a scaled 3D model…an extremely useful tool for many aspects of plant management.

Powerful Database

The consolidation and easy retrieval of inspection records greatly assists engineers in the efficient management of the detail of plant and inspection records, and the results/findings and importantly the ‘status’, over the plant system lifetime, providing a powerful means for planning inspection programmes and managing lifetime assessment and remaining life.

The on-line database benefits multi-user open access.

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